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One thing that is a constant is that healing requires forgiveness. We need to find forgiveness for others as well as ourselves. We hold onto things that have happened long ago - this can affect our bodies and our minds. Holding onto things does not help us to move forward, yet letting go is easier said than done. People will say that "time heals", but that's not always true. Things from long ago can cause us to have reactions or symptoms decades later. Things that we didn't even realize affected us so much can really wreak havoc in our lives long after they happened.

There is no panacea and there are many different ways to heal. The techniques that I offer are things that have worked for me. I have tried many things and as much as I wish there were a magic wand to instantly heal, we know that isn't a reality. (Maybe one day we can find a real magic wand to do the job!) Healing requires each of us to do the work required to gain closure and move forward. We are in charge of our own healing, and it's important to be open and willing to handle whatever comes up. Sometimes we need help in order to do this. There's a saying, "The only way out is through". Hypnotherapy helps us to heal, to gain true closure, find forgiveness, and to see things from another perspective. Although there is no true magic wand at the moment, hypnotherapy has been like a magic wand for me. I have seen transformations happen in a short amount of time - sometimes in one session. So until the magic wand becomes a reality, I will continue to seek out and share the techniques that I have found work best for myself and my clients. Have a beautiful day!

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