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The Amazing Subconscious Mind

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Your subconscious mind is a powerful thing. Our imagination and memories are stored there. There are times where the subconscious mind will make things up, or twist things. We can use this to our advantage - while you are in hypnosis you can change a memory, change a situation, bring in another person for back up, be assertive, do whatever you couldn't or didn't do to change things, and find a new way of looking at things. When you come out of hypnosis you will know you made the whole thing up, that what happened really happened, but your subconscious will accept the fantasy you created as the truth. This can give you real honest closure and help change your life. It is up to you and the work you do while you are in hypnosis. Your hypnotherapist can coach you along but it's up to you to do what you need to do while you are in hypnosis. It's truly an amazing experience!


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