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What Is It Like To Be Hypnotized?

For hypnosis to work, the hypnotist or hypnotherapist must first put his or her client into what is called a “trance state.” This is a state of mental and physical relaxation in which the conscious mind is encouraged to rest, while the subconscious mind is kept alert. The “conscious mind” is the part that thinks about what to say or do next. The “subconscious mind” is just a name for another type of awareness in your brain, the part that is in charge of the beliefs and emotions connected to what you say and do. The two can have conflict. Consciously you may know you are 'good', however due to past events, your subconscious mind may believe you are 'bad'. This negative belief can play out in your current life, and cause you to experience unwanted symptoms. The Hypnotherapist will address the subconscious mind to change your beliefs and feelings about what you do, in order for you to feel better about doing whatever it is you want to do (or, alternatively, worse about doing what you don’t want to do). The hypnotherapist helps the client realize that there can be a new, better, more beneficial way of thinking.

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