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What's a Shaman?

When I tell people what I do (which is also who I am), people tend to ask a lot of questions. There are so many misconceptions surrounding hypnotherapy, reiki, and shamanism. (There will be other posts about the other things I do but for now we will address the shamanic part.)

A shaman is also called a medicine man/woman, mystic, kahuna, priest/priestess, among other things. Some people think of a shaman as a Native American elder who is helping to heal the sick, or someone who is there for spiritual guidance. My lineage is from the Incan-Peruvian Q'ero shaman who come from the high Andes mountains. A shaman is a walker between the worlds of the living and spirit. We work in the shadows. We go into the darkness to help others in their healing journeys. We have a close relationship with nature, spirit, and ancestors. Some shamans use plant medicines, but I utilize energetic medicine to help bring harmony where there is disharmony, order where there is chaos. I work with spiritual allies and utilize a great amount of spiritual protection with the work I do. I work with any and all issues a client may be having, whether it is spiritual, emotional, or physical.

You do not have to have the same beliefs as I do in order to have a healing session. It is considered energetic medicine, but it is different than Reiki. With Reiki the energy flows through the practitioner and goes where it needs to go. In a shamanic healing session, we do things that are very deliberate, we focus and work with specific areas, and we utilize a wide variety of techniques to help the client with whatever they would like to work on. We work with chakras, look for patterns, and dig deep into the client's energetic field to make a shift. Every session is different, spirit guided, and is as comfortable as possible for the client in order to get to the client's goals as quickly as possible. If you would like to know more, or to see if this type of session is for you, call, text or email me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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