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What's Going On With Cahni?

Despite the pandemic, I've been very busy this past year. I've filmed a tv show, traveled to TN (three times!), OH, New Orleans, TX, St. Augustine, Savannah, and had some incredible experiences doing paranormal investigations and healing work. I also experienced two major losses in my life. My Dad passed away, and then my best friend passed 10 days later. Both were unexpected. Just because I try to do my best with helping other heal doesn't mean I'm immune to grief and the darkness that comes with it. I was seriously at the lowest point in my life. Then, personal relationships that I held very dearly unraveled and really felt like I was unable to move forward. I tried to hold onto those relationships, but I started realizing that I had to see the writing on the wall. Things were not as they seemed anymore. I started seeing a shift, and the intentions of others. I couldn't sweep things under the rug. I began to gather up my strength and pick myself up. It is not up to me to tell people how to treat me. I treat others a certain way, and if it is not reciprocated, it's up to me to change it. I have boundaries. I needed to remember that. People treat you the way you allow them to. I can't be angry, sad, or upset. People don't always do things to be malicious. They don't always mean to hurt others. They just treat people differently than I do, and that's ok! It doesn't mean I will be in that position with that person again though. I choose to surround myself with people who may make mistakes, but the way they treat others is similar to how I treat others. I make a lot of mistakes. I've done stupid things. I've hurt others. But I choose to learn, and grow, and evolve. I'm still healing. I'm still learning. I'm grateful to be where I am at now. I have some new, amazing opportunities I am working on. I am thankful for the people in my life. I have a wonderful support system. I am creating my future - and I'm beyond excited to see what it has to offer! Much love to you all <3

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