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Shaman FAQ

What is a Shaman?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found in cultures around the world from ancient times up to the present day. The Shaman’s purpose is to heal and restore balance to her or his community by working in the Spirit world while in an altered state of consciousness. There are different types of Shamans; I am trained in the Incan-Peruvian lineage of the Q'ero. The Q'ero (Paco) Shaman wanted Shamanism to be brought to the West to spread healing throughout the world. I practice with their blessing and have gone through a very long and intense training in order to learn and become part of the practices of this lineage. I work with energetic medicine and not things like plant medicines. The Shaman has a team of spiritual allies to help them on their journeys and to help guide them to best help others. A Shaman may also be referred to as a Mystic, Medicine Man/Woman, Kahuna, Priest or Priestess. I usually refer to myself as a Medicine Woman.

**Cahni Konig is not a medical doctor and does not diagnose illnesses. Please consult with your medical doctor for medical issues. 

What is Shamanic Illumination Healing?

The Shaman believes all issues start in the energetic field. When you come in for a session we will talk about what issue(s) you are experiencing and how you'd like things to be. After your intake and discussion, you will lay on a massage table and relax. The Shaman will work in your energetic field and enter into an altered state of consciousness in order to make changes for you. Use of sacred tools such as drum, rattle, voice and breath can be used to assist the healing process.  There may be burning of sage, palo santo, incense, use of Florida Water, and other tools used to assist in the healing process. Healing can occur in a variety of ways through releasing misplaced energy and replacing with healing energy in different forms.  It may go to the very needs of the soul. Once the Shaman feels the session is complete, you will then be told what work was done and what homework needs be completed in order to solidify and hold what was done.

What techniques are used?

Chakra clearing and balancing, de-coupling, tracking and removal of heavy/unnecessary energies in the body, illumination, soul retrieval, de-posession (removal of entity, ancestral and other attachments whether harmless or harmful), wound tracking, word deconstruction, ancestral healing, ancestor stories, changing of soul contracts, destiny line retrieval, power animal retrieval, and more. Each session is Spirit led, so the Shaman only works with what techniques they are told in order to best help the client.

What is the difference between Reiki and Shamanic Healing?

Anger, anxiety, bad habits, grief, trauma, PTSD, emotional difficulty, motivation, moving forward, sadness, physical ailments, trying to find your purpose, clarity on how to achieve a goal, relationship issues, feeling stuck, sleep issues, depression, feeling like something is missing, unhappiness, spiritual growth, feeling restless or unsatisfied, unwanted patterns in life, soul retrieval, removal of heavy or unwanted energy in the body, removal of entity attachments, chakra balancing, ancestral healing, weight issues, feeling cursed, changing careers, focus, infidelity, and more!

What kind of issues can this help with?

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. A Reiki Master acts as a conduit for this energy that safely flows through them into the recipient. This energy goes where it is needed into the chakras and cannot be guided by the Reiki Master. Shamanic Healing (Illumination) is very different because the Shaman is working with chakras and energies with purpose. There is more to a Shamanic Healing session than just chakra balancing. Both healing modalities can be highly effective in gaining a deeper form of healing and balance that is not cognitively led but is guided through a deeper and, at times, ancient knowledge of total well being and balance.

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