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Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy?

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Hypnotherapy is the technique of inducing hypnosis through relaxation and then focusing thoughts to achieve a heightened state of awareness in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where events, experiences, beliefs, emotions and habits are stored. By accessing the subconscious mind, negative thoughts, beliefs and habits can be transformed into positive ones, healing many issues and behaviors in just a few visits.

Will I be Under Someone's Control?

Because every individual is different the results and time frames vary. Depending on the challenge and your commitment to change, I will create an effective plan that's personalized to your needs. Some clients are resolved in the very first session, while others may take more time. I utilize different modalities, such as EMT, EFT, Parts Therapy, Gestalt, NLP Techniques, Regression, Breathwork and Hypnotic Programming to ensure your goals are reached as quickly as possible. Reiki treatments are available in office or remotely. Most clients notice marked improvement after each session. The expectation of treatment time will be given during your private consultation.

What if I Get Stuck in Hypnosis?

You are always in control. You won't go into hypnosis unless you want to. You can stop the session and open your eyes at any time if you choose. You will not say or do anything you do not want to say or do. You could lie, withhold information, or simply say you don't want to talk about something if you chose to. You aren't sleeping or in a state of amnesia. As a hypnotherapist it is my job to coach you along during your session so that you can make the changes you want to make in your subconscious mind. You are doing the work in your session as I can't force a change to be made within you.

I have different packages available depending on the issue you would like to work on. I do offer per session rates and military/veteran discounts. Hypnotherapists don't take insurance, however things change constantly. I encourage you to contact your insurance provider to see if they will reimburse you. When compared to traditional therapy with co-pays and out of pocket expenses, hypnotherapy is cheaper because your treatment takes less time. It can take months or years for a breakthrough with traditional talk therapy. Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause, and clears it, offering you a new perspective and tools to let go of the past. Your true happiness is worth the investment.

Do You Take Insurance? What is the Cost?

No. You are in control the whole time. You can end the session anytime you choose, and cannot "get stuck" in a trance state.

What Should I Look for in a Hypnotherapist?

What if There Are Things I Don't Want to Talk About?

Hypnosis isn't truth serum. You can withhold or edit information and even lie while you are in hypnosis. lt is not recommended that you do this. Momentary discomfort is well worth a lifetime of freedom from your issues! I am here to help you through any problems you wish to address. I will not move forward with any technique unless you are comfortable and ready.

Unless there is an underlying condition, false fear, or a desire to not go into hypnosis, anyone can be hypnotized. You cannot be hypnotized against your will. If you do not WANT to be hypnotized, or if you resist, you simply will not go into hypnosis. It is important to feel comfortable with your hypnotherapist, as as any skepticism may subconsciously dampen your susceptibility. Cahni will go over any questions or concerns you may have, and she will dispel any myths or rumors that are incorrect. The client's comfort is the most important component of a successful session.

I Don't Think I Can Be Hypnotized.

All hypnotherapists are not created equal. It's important to find out how much training they have had, and where they went to school. Some people will take a weekend course or learn completely online. Their certification may not have required tests or supervision. It's also important to ask if they are working on CEU's. (Continuing Education Units) Even someone who has been in business for many years may not be as skilled as someone who has received more training and supervised hands-on experience. Cahni Konig is a graduate of Florida's only state licensed school, completing over 700 hours of training (including practical school hours), and is a certified member in good standing with the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists. Several written tests and a practical exam were required to be certified by the IAIH.

Only Weak-Minded or Unintelligent People Can Be Hypnotized. 

Actually, it's quite the opposite! The more intelligent and creative a person is, the easier it will be for them to experience hypnosis. While some people are more susceptible to suggestion than others, a willingness to participate is very much all that it takes to have a successful session.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help With Smoking, Weight or Addictions?

How Can it Help with Anxious Feelings or Stress?

Whether it's sugar, cigarettes, food, video games, toxic relationships/behaviors, or something else you feel you cannot control, an addiction can become very detrimental to our health and well being. Others around us are affected, and all parties can be left feeling helpless. Sometimes people with addictions develop other unwanted habits as a result of ending their addiction. Using hypnotherapy, we ensure the subconscious mind doesn't feel the need to replace a negative with a negative. We can program the subconscious to have an aversion to cigarettes or other undesired habits, and to crave healthy living. We can also get to the root of a bad habit or addiction to clear the pain of the past, getting you on track for a happier and healthier future. I will tailor your sessions to your needs, and have you feeling better, stronger and living the life you are meant to! Be empowered every day by taking the first steps now!. It's easy on the eyes and a great go-to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

The world is stressful. Jobs, bills, family, friends, and daily responsibility can take a toll. It can all be very overwhelming. Even if you are happy with your life you can still have this feeling that things 'just aren't right', or that you are 'just not happy but aren't sure why'. Maybe you are angry, sad, or feel guilty. It's not something that you need to live with. It's not 'just part of life' to feel this way every day. No matter how 'aware' we are of our past traumas, that doesn't help the feelings we have. We can fight every day to suppress negative emotions and beliefs, but the reality is, it just builds. Using hypnotherapy, we will get to the root of the issue, and offer a new perspective. You deserve to live the life you have always dreamed of!

I am so surprised by this wasn't at all what I had expected. It was so much more! So insightful, so beneficial. I feel like a new person already! Cahni is very welcoming and kind. She made me feel like I had the support system I needed to get to the root of my problem without fear. I love the recording she made for me - I listen to it every night and it makes me feel so relaxed. I will be coming back for sure!

**Caleb B.

I am so happy with this process. It is unlike anything I have ever done. Cahni fully explained everything and made me so comfortable - I am very pleased with the results. I no longer have anger like I did in the past. I feel like a new and improved version of myself. It's really worth it!

**Daniella V.

A.L., Tech

Gene, Retired

I was kind of skeptical, but you explained everything to me, and made me feel at ease. It was such an interesting experience! I had no idea that the root of my issue was something so miniscule. It is truly fascinating what the mind holds and manifests! I can say with confidence that I no longer have anxiety within me. When I look at how I was before, it's like I was someone else. Now, the things that gave me such a strong reaction don't do anything! I feel like I can breathe! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see what's next!

**Ann V., Senior Account Executive

I have tried Chantix, the patch, gum, cold turkey, my wife yelling at me, and I considered the shot but the thought of being shot in the neck was really unappealing. This was basically my last resort. Had I known that it would work, I would have done this years ago! I listen to my recording every day, and it makes it stick. Every day I feel better and better. You have given me my life back! I feel younger, I have more energy, I don't cough and my wife doesn't yell at me about cigarettes! You are truly amazing and we thank you.

** P. M., Banker


**Individual Results May Vary

I knew what my issue was and I had been through therapy and was fully aware of what I needed to change. I couldn't make it stick. I was just going in circles and struggling all of the time. This was truly healing. I can't believe the progress I have made. I feel like I am finally where I have needed to be all these years. I am so thankful for you! Our sessions are always so interesting, I can't wait to come back and work on more things I want to change!

**Brooke L.

I had hypnotherapy with someone else, and it didn't work. After talking with Cahni she explained why that was we had a session and I was really surprised at how well it worked with her.

** Brittney Y.

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