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Smoking Cessation

Getting help with kicking the habit is easier than you think. Even if you are currently using a nicotine patch, gum, medication or other means to help you to be a non-smoker, hypnotherapy can be a wonderful adjunct to help you with cravings. Your conscious mind is well aware that smoking is deadly, yet you continue to pick up a cigarette and smoke. Second and third hand smoke is harmful to those around you, and even your pets. Smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer. It's literally squeezing the life out of you. Your subconscious wants you to 'feel good now', but doesn't always think about repercussions. Using hypnosis, I help you access your subconscious mind for you to make the changes needed. Perhaps as a non-smoker you want to drink more water, be active, find a hobby to fall in love with, or simply be more productive. We are all different, so it makes sense that your treatment should be tailored to your specific needs. You don't need to smoke, you don't want to smoke, so don't waste another minute with this deadly habit. If you truly want to stop, get the help you need to end the cravings and live your life as a non-smoker. 

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